What is New Age Developments?

New Age Developments is a site and a blog dedicated to the Truth, to World Goodwill and to the establishment of Right Human Relations. It is an attempt to put forth in a cogent manner the FACT of the One Humanity living in this One World and thereby the necessity of a belief in the ONE GOD in who, as the Apostle tells us. “we Live and Move and Have our Being”.

Many people have much difficulty with the concept of  a New Age and this concept has been much maligned by groups with whom its identifying characteristics are seemingly at odds. But what really are the characteristics of the Age of Aquarius that they object to? Brotherhood? Harmony? Peace? Love? Understanding? Are not all of these foundational parts of the teaching of the Christ and of all true religious leaders of all faiths?

What is the New Age?

The New Age, the Age of Aquarius, is the passing of our Solar System into the astrological sign of Aquarius which is just another segment of that part of the Cosmos through which our Solar System travels. It is another milestone in the evolution of humanity for as the Solar System passes from sign to sign (which is an astronomical fact) time too passes and humanity evolves. Astrologically, each sign has an impact on the lives of men and on the planet; an impact attested to by seers and holy men throughout the ages and by God himself in his conversation with Job (38:31) when asking “Canst thou bind the sweet influences of Pleiades”. There is much debate on when the New Age should begin and this will continue but there is consensus in that it is not a moment in time that a change is felt but it is a gradual change that can be seen as the coming into a lighted room from a dark one; the light is seen and then felt before you are there. So the beginning effects of the New Age are felt slowly and steadily as we approach the actual time.

What are the signs of the New Age?

Look around you at the world changes over the last 75 years or so and you will see the steady change in the psyche of the human family. From the calamity of the Great Depression and the World War we have moved into a new era of international cooperation with the establishment of the United Nations. The end of colonialism across the globe has created many new free societies which, aside from their problems, have contributed greatly to the fabric of the human family. Then also the tearing down of walls and barriers that kept people captive in Europe and the rapid demise of the communist reality in China and elsewhere have brought and are bringing a new era of human freedom of expression. Add to this other moves toward freedoms throughout the world; from the racial uprisings in the United States in the 60’s which brought an end to the racial barriers to such a degree that there is now a First Family which is essentially Black (a sharp contrast to the recent past of racial hatred) to the more recent uprisings in the Middle East where men are demanding freedom from tyranny and seeking the Brotherhood and Harmony so necessary to Peace.

What is the purpose of this blog and website?

As stated at the top New Age Developments is a site and a blog dedicated to the Truth, to World Goodwill and to the establishment of Right Human Relations. To this end the postings to this blog will be inspirational, across all religious lines, and informational hoping to bring forth a clearer understanding of the characteristics of the New Age and a desire on your part to participate in them through your daily life. Imagine a world where Brotherhood, Harmony, Peace, Love and Understanding are the rule.


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