Dedicated to Truth, Goodwill and Right Human Relations

It has long been my objective to spread the Truth of the power of Goodwill and Right Human Relations in the interrelationships between men, groups, religions, political parties and nations. These two terms, Goodwill and Right Human Relations, embody within their meanings the essence of the teachings of the Christ and through their use can come an era of peace and prosperity for all. It is said that Goodwill is Love in Action and all that the Master taught us concerned this type of Love. His words are a treatise on living in Right Relationship with our fellow man and in Right Relationship with God. Jesus tells us that the good that is done for one in need can be considered a good done to Him and in these sayings the Master speaks volumes.

Today there is only one forum for the discussion of the issues and the problems that beset humanity today and that is the United Nations. This world body, currently comprised of 193 nations, is the world’s last best chance to avoid the catastrophes of war, to fight famine and to arrest disease. It is not a perfect body of nations and none of its members can claim perfection for themselves. The United Nations, like a good majority of its member nations, is in need of major reform which will only come as the men and women of Goodwill in each nation contribute to its overall success through their hard work in Love for humanity. There is much talk in America and perhaps around the world of the problems with the United Nations with some going so far as to call for its elimination. There is staunch objection to the ideals, work and potential of the United Nations along religious denominational lines which objections spill over into political debate, especially on the conservative side, creating much ill will against this world body. There is an interesting Internet article on this schism between fundamentalist’ Christianity and the United Nations at; although it is from 2006, much of what it says is still relevant today.

It is hard to understand why, with the certainty of the Jesus message throughout the gospels, there is such an intentional attitude of ignoring the precepts of the Master. One of the main messages of this blog is that we who claim to be His Church on Earth should understand and obey His teaching and not the doctrinal and dogmatic teachings that men have derived from His word and from the epistles. Jesus’ message is much like the banner above, Dedicated to Truth, Goodwill and Right Human Relations yet we would rather debate His words regarding the His return and the End Times and have discourse on the nature and actions of the Holy Ghost. His message is clearly found in the Golden Rule but rather than practice it and teach it we would rather teach the idea of saved by Grace through Faith allowing so many people to delude themselves by thinking that this is it and that they need not take any action. His life and His death were outpourings of the Love of God and He taught us much on that Love and that Brotherhood that truly can end world suffering. Yet we, His people, would rather teach churchology doctrines of separation and isolation by insisting that only those who believe as we do will survive. In all this teaching and its variations throughout the thousands of denominations and sects which each represent themselves as right beyond doubt, the words of Christ beg to be heard and understood and practiced.

Support for the United Nations has fallen to the same fate as Jesus’ teachings on Love and Brotherhood and this should not be. The United Nations is painted as an evil organization that will spawn a One World Religion that is somehow seen as against the teachings of the Master. Much of Christianity would rather put their dogmatic eschatology based belief systems over the words of the Master although these beliefs are derived from spurious interpretations of Jesus words and reliance on conflicting interpretations of the words of some of the prophets of the Old Testament a few words from Paul and from the Book of Revelation. Most all teaching on this subject of eschatology is supposition; there is no certain teaching to be found yet it is taught as though it were fact.

The real fact is that the Master Jesus came to teach Love and we have a unique opportunity to take that Love that He taught to the world through the body of the United Nations. This will not happen easy but will take the prayers and the effort of all men and women of Goodwill around the world working together for Peace and Prosperity for all. Where do we start? How do we start?

We start in prayer and in teaching and in combating the bad information about the United Nations and its mission wherever we can.

This link will take you to a sample letter that was originally written and e-mailed to thousands of North American pastors, priests and assistants in 2005. The purpose of  this letter was to solicit the cooperation of these pastors and priests in the work of praying for the success of the United Nations. This work however needed a continued commitment which I did not provide and so I start again. The letter is posted here, please read it. I encourage all who read it to use it or something like it to contact as many of these leaders as possible in the hope that we can turn the tide and reverse the antagonistic attitudes that many have against the United Nations. Prayer costs little or nothing and it is a powerful tool in the hands of men and women of Goodwill. Positive prayer said by many can evoke the needed help simply by the power and the energy of the Goodwill that it establishes. The more people that there are thinking positively on a thing of good in an act of love the more potent that good and the love become. Individually and en masse the saying is true that “The effectual fervent prayer of a righteous man availeth much.”

Our best hope for Peace in Our Time is the success of the United Nations. It is the best hope for our children and our grandchildren to be able to grow up in a world at peace and where each and every nation cares about and for every other one. Waiting for and relying on some undefined kind of Divine intercession should not be an option. There are too many unsubstantiated and erroneous opinions about the end and these must eventually be seen as such so that the work of the true revival of the Spirit of man can begin. Read the Preamble to the Charter of the United Nations and the the Universal Declaration of Human Rights and see how they are in line with the teaching of the Christ and of His Saints through the whole of the New Testament. There is nothing evil nor sinister but only the truth of all real religion in Goodwill and Right Human Relations.

Link to the United Nations Charter:

Link to the Universal Declaration of Human Rights:

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