A Noontime Recollection

This is a Noontime Prayer that is used by many world workers as their way to aid in  bringing the energy of GoodWill to all.
This prayer first acknowledges that the Lord  is the source of all Light and all Love; and also acknowledges that we know the world need for this love. A look at nearly every day’s news will paint a vivid picture of the state of things in the world today; a picture of the needs of our brothers and sisters due to famine, war, weather or natural catastrophe. This not only includes physical needs for food and shelter but emotional, mental and spiritual needs as well. Just today the internet news front page was a picture of a small child somewhere in Africa who was malnourished and sick. His needs and the needs of his parents and others like them are only superficially addressed today. It was a fitting picture of the long difference between those who have and control the wealth of the world and those who suffer because then have none.
Next this prayer is asking the Lord to touch our hearts with His Love so that we may see the need ever more clearly. This is to let the Love that is within us, the Christ Within, pour the energy of Love into our daily lives over the objection of our all too busy selves.
We then acknowledge that it is also our part to Love and to Give and that we will Love and we will Give because the Love of God is touching our hearts as we say this prayer and look spiritually toward our Inner Self. 

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